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 I am a…wife, mom, scientist, professor, Yorkie lover, runner, writer (blogger)…. wait, yes, I am all those things and more, but that is not who I am.  I am…over fifty and amazing!  That is who I am.  I love all the hats I wear any given day, but the reality of who I really am is a woman who is learning to be comfortable in her own skin.  It took me a long time to realize that.  A long time to be ok with the fact that my age and how others viewed me didn’t have to define me. 

Once I realized that it was ok to be just as I am, the rest of my life seemed to get less stressful.  Perhaps because I was unknowingly fighting against those ill-fitting one-dimensional definitions imposed by others.  I’m not going to say life got easy, just less stressful when I let things go and accepted that I was good with me.  I actually like who I am.  I like being over fifty and amazing!

Ok, so what is it that makes me so amazing?  Well, I am blessed to wake up each and every day.  I don’t care if my hair is perfect.  Sometimes I forget to put on eyeliner or any makeup at all.  I steal my teenager’s jeans and wear them to work-her sneakers too.  I talk to my dogs as if they understand everything they say.  I work two jobs.  I wear a bikini. Diet Coke is my caffeine.  My house is never spotless.  For every item I check off the to do list I add two more.  I can laugh at myself and often do.  I adore my family.  I have girlfriends that keep it real.  I forgot what I was writing three times already and why I walked into the room twice.  I am 100% comfortable in my own skin.  I can walk into a room and not care if I know anyone or anyone talks to me.  My bullshit meter is rarely wrong.  I passed Lizzo’s DNA test, I love red bottom shoes, “bless your heart” is a negative, my give a damn broke.  I keep my promises.  I tell the truth.   There are more, you can probably add a few yourself, but you get the idea.  Over fifty and amazing is the ability to just be you.  I wish I had learned how to do that a long time ago. But I intend to make up for it now!


XO, Coco

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