Best Kindle E-Readers-Review 2019

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Kindle review 2019. Which is best for you?  Looking to purchase a Kindle or upgrade your current one?  Confused at which one to choose?  Here is a simple overview of each Kindle E-Reader with pros and cons, and our recommendation as to which is best based on usage and features.

List of Devices and Description

Budget friendly E-Reader:  Amazon Kindle 6” 2019 version

Amazon Kindle 6″ shown

Amazon Kindle is the lowest priced new reader with just enough memory and features to make the purist who is looking for basic functionality without spending too much.  With 4GB memory, it will hold approx. 3000 books.  Previous editions also available for purchase, new and refurbished.


Lightweight at 6.1 oz

Built in light so it can be read in the dark 4 LED’s

Good battery life-up to 4 weeks

Easy and comfortable to hold


No physical page turning button, screen tap or swipe only

Screen resolution is just ok-167 ppi

Can’t adjust light

Wi-Fi only

Kid Friendly Kindle:  Amazon Kindle Kids edition 6”

Amazon Kids Kindle shown

Kids kindle is similar to the adult version except it weighs more at 10.2 oz.  It does not have screen lock ads. It comes with access to kid friendly book titles and a cover.  The bundle has special offers as of publication time.  Best of all, it is for reading, not a tablet for games.


E-Reader only, not a tablet

Good battery life-up to 4 weeks

2-year guarantee

Comes with cover


Screen resolution is just ok-167 ppi

No lighting adjustment

No page turn button

Amazon services required

“luxury” Kindle:  Amazon Kindle Oasis -2019 Edition

Amazon Kindle Oasis shown

Kindle Oasis is a high-end E-Reader with a price tag to match.  It is waterproof for up to 30 min (I still haven’t figured out to read underwater that long, lol) and lightweight.  It is a metal backed reader and square as opposed to rectangular.  It comes with options for memory, Wi-Fi, Cellular, Kindle Unlimited, and color.  Previous edition also good and available for purchase new and refurbished.


Lightweight 6.6 oz

7” display


Great resolution 300ppi

Physical buttons’

Great lighting front light 25 LED’s

Built in Audible


Auto adjusting light sensors

Automatic page orientation



Screen lock

Battery life 6 weeks, but often shorter

Charger not included

Did I mention expensive?

All around good Kindle :  Amazon Kindle Paperwhite-2019 version

Amazon Paperwhite shown

The new version of the Kindle Paperwhite is thinner and lighter than the previous model.   It is now waterproof.  It has a glare proof display and built in Audible and Bluetooth.  Longer battery life and an adjustable light round out the list of improvements.  It is available with options for memory, cellular, Kindle Unlimited, and color.


Front light 5LED’s



Built in Audible



No physical buttons

Warm light not adjustable

Power adaptor not included

Tablet e-reader:  Kindle Fire HD 10

The Kindle Fire is a tablet more than an e-reader.  It is Amazon’s answer to an iPad or Nook.  With several versions still available for sale, the 10 is the newest and biggest.  It has the most RAM, the biggest screen, 10.1 inches, and the best screen resolution-224 ppi, of all three Fire versions.  It is customizable for memory, offer screen, kids version, and color.  It has a front and rear face camera and a micro SD card slot.  This is a good solid tablet for a fraction of the cost of the competition.


Screen resolution-224 ppi

Micro SD card slot


Front and rear camera-2mp

1080p HD screen

720p video recording

Multi-function tablet, not just an e-reader

Cheaper than the competition (non-Amazon)


Plastic case design

Cameras are just ok

Fire OS (Android based) is good but, not great

Interfaces with all Amazon technology including Alexa, Audible, Amazon Music and more

Speakers do not put out great quality

Overall winner from someone who has owned all of the options:  Amazon Oasis

Amazon Oasis back, champagne and graphite

The Oasis is an awesome e-reader that performs best overall and has the most options.  If you are looking for a sturdy yet “cool” e-reader with all the bells and whistles, this is it.  Amazon offers trade in deals and special offers to help reduce the price, but it is still on the expensive side.  I am on my second Oasis and I am very happy.  I did a trade in offer and was able to chop quite a bit off the retail price.  I choose it preferentially over all my other Kindle devices.

*One a side note, the Kindle Fire HD 10 is a great option for those of you looking for an inexpensive tablet option as well as an e-reader.


After reading Kindle review 2019, which is best for you?  Amazon offers bundle deals on some of its Kindles.  These can include a cover and the power adaptor for those without one at purchase (it should come with one in the first place!).  Prices vary per device.  I recommend ordering a cover when you order the kindle, as well as a screen protector to make sure you don’t damage your new device.  There are many options of each available.  Make sure to order the one that fits your version of any particular device.  With the holiday season and Black Friday/Cyber Monday around the corner, you are sure to find deals on many Kindle options as well as accessories.  Amazon’s black Friday Ad is available now with many items already on sale.


These deals are valid as of 11/16/19 through 12/31/19

Amazon Fire trade in

Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet

Amazon Kindle Kids Edition

Amazon Fire HD 10 Kids Edition

Amazon Kindle trade in

Other tablet trade in to switch to Kindle Fire

Don’t forget a Kindle Unlimited plan to read thousands of titles for one low monthly fee!

Giving as a gift and don’t know which to get?  Purchase an Amazon Gift Card and let them choose the best one : )

Happy Shopping!

XO, Coco

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