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Hello everyone and welcome to our blog! Mad and I are excited to launch our website.  We hope it will one day be filled with not only our stories and words of “wisdom”, but yours as well. I say “wisdom” in quotes, because the things we will talk about are things that we have learned in our lives that may help you, or you may relate to, but we don’t proclaim ourselves experts. We are just a mom and daughter who have managed to make our relationship work well and we like, love, and enjoy each other’s company. We have a very eclectic set of experiences and knowledge. Some funny, some sad, and some just plain head scratching. I’d like to say life is never boring around here, but truthfully life is usually boring. We strive to make it a little less so. We welcome all your thoughts and ideas and stories. We just ask one thing, lets try always to find the good or positive in the bad. Because there is always a positive in any situation! That said, We hope you will join us as we travel through the crazy days of life.  Mad&Mom is filled with a collection of stories and information from my daughter and myself.  Mad is a 17+ teen with the world at her feet.  Mom is a 53+ mom and Coco(grandma) who dances (in red bottom shoes) as if everyone is watching but doesn’t give a damn.

XO, Coco


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