Just No

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Sometimes you have to look at the decision you are faced with and just say…..no.  No, I don’t need that second cookie (sigh). No, I don’t need to buy another pair of red bottoms (double sigh).  No, I don’t need to yell all the time.  No, I don’t need to let someone treat me badly.  No, I don’t have to settle for second best.  No, I don’t need to be sorry or apologize for who I am.  No, nothing can stop me from succeeding.  No, no one is better than I am at being the best me there is.  No, I will not fail. 

“No” does not have to be a negative.  Use it in whatever context you choose.  Similar to how you should view any situation you are faced with.  You can always find the good in any setting.  Use it to grow and learn.  When someone tells you “no”, use it to motivate you, to challenge you, to push you.  Oh, and never accept the first “no” you hear, that is usually just a maybe!

XO, Coco

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